NHS Procurement

Services for the NHS

Performance improvement and cost reduction services

  • Opportunity Analysis – Efficiency and savings opportunity identification and implementation plan
  • Strategic and operational Review – Full review of procurement operations and strategy with recommendations for improvement
  • eProcurement Review – Review of eProcurement position and provision of development path including GS1 implementation
  • Benefits Tracking review – Review of quality of benefits measurement and reporting methodology and improvement plan
  • Supply Chain Demand Management – Identification of opportunities for improved efficiency and financial savings through better management of demand
  • Procurement Data Management Review– Review of quality of procurement data and improvement plan
  • Category Management and Sourcing review – Review and implementation planning of  structure and processes

Procurement in Commissioning

  • Procurement in Healthcare Commissioning review – Review of  procurement processes within full commissioning process with recommendations for improvement

Procurement project support

  • Tender review – Independent analysis with recommendations
  • Tender support
  • Project Management of Commercial and Procurement initiatives
  • Training packages for procurement staff
  • Mentoring for procurement professionals

Services to the NHS - Andrew Rudd Consulting